Are there any safe ways to use Vaseline on my skin?

Such a tricky question, now that many of us know that petroleum can clog your pores. When it comes to Vaseline, your best bet is to use in only high-dry prone areas, such as your knees, feet, elbows and maybe back. We suggest keeping Vaseline away from your face. Unless you happen to run out of makeup remover! Vaseline is great to remove pesky makeup. But, be sure to cleanse your face properly after removing your makeup with Vaseline.

Another great way to utilize Vaseline is for dry lips. That won’t hurt.


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  • I really think it’s an individual thing. Until I hit 30 and decided to be a grown up I used Vaseline or Cocoa Butter on my face and body. I don’t get blemishes at all. I thought I needed to get fancy face cream and I went to a certain beauty counter at department store. The lovely Black man behind the counter told me to keep doing what I was doing, but I insisted on shelling out over $30 for face cream (cuz I’m grown, right?). I took that nasty stuff back within a week. The lovely Black man was kind and only said “I told you so” one time.
    I’ve tried expensive face creams and they aren’t doing anything Vaseline wasn’t doing for me. They just smell better and have a better package. Know your skin.

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