Princess Ezeofor

Introducing our new, BB ‘It’ Girl inspired series, #BBGals. Because there’s nothing more fabulous than young, Brown women, showing out on the Gram.

Kicking off our new series, is #BBGal Princess Ezeofor.

Instagram: @ThePrincessLifestyle

All-time favorite beauty product?

My all time favorite beauty product would have to be my Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. This foundation is perfect for all skin types and tones and it gives the perfect dewy glow without looking oily. Definitely a staple in my beauty collection!

If you could trade closets with any celebrity who would it be?

This is a tough one! I would have to say Rihanna. She’s got such a versatile and eclectic style…she always gets it right for me.

Makeup trend that you’re over?

Strobing! Ugh!

Your look for the day: spontaneous or planned?

My looks for the day are usually spontaneous unless I’m filming a specific tutorial. For a planned look I usually go very simplistic and opt for a full dewy face, natural highlight and contour for the sake of angles in pictures, winged liner sharp enough to cut checks, lashes long and fluttery enough to fly me away from the bull sh*t, and a sexy red lip that’ll stop any man in his tracks!

For a spontaneous look, I always go for something bold like a dramatic cut-crease or any kind of super-shocking, [highly] pigmented shadow, with a nude lip.

Beauty trend you want Brown girls to rock?

Nude lips! My brown beauties need to stop shying away from what society says we can’t wear. Even bright lip colors in general need to be utilized more on my chocolatey beauties. But nudes tug on my heartstrings for women that look like me. I always tell my Godiva goddesses to get a good brown liner with warm tones in it (like MAC’s Chestnut; I swear by it) and any nude lipstick of your choosing. Then simply line and lightly fill in lips for the perfect nude. Works every time!

What is your favorite makeup brand right now?

My favorite makeup brand right now is Colour Pop Cosmetics. Anyone who knows me and has been watching my channel for some time now knows that I am not a fan of inexpensive products. I believe in the saying “You get what you pay for.” This has proven true time and time again in my experiences and that is why I generally stick to high-end products. However, Colour Pop is definitely changing the makeup game with their low prices (I don’t think anything individually costs more than $6), and incredible quality.

Most embarrassing fashion or beauty moment?

You ever thought you were cute and just did a little bit too much in front of a group of people? And just when you think it’s all good God comes to remind you to be humble?

So I was at a rooftop soiree a little while ago and was feeling amazing. I looked good. I smelled good. And everyone’s eyes were on me. I had on an all white jumpsuit so I literally looked like some kind of chocolate angel from heaven. I knew this so my confidence was sky high and I was ready to completely show off. So about an hour in I am having a great time but then in walks a guy I’d seen before, was attracted to, but never had the chance to connect with. As soon as he walked in his eyes laser focused on mine, and he made a beeline to me. At the time I was half-sitting, half making sure my back was arched for lovely posture on a seat near the bar.

As we were talking I got more comfortable and relaxed around him (he was so dreamy) so I dropped my extra-cute sitting position and began to sit like a regular human being. Bad idea. I scooted myself back fully onto the bar stool not knowing there was a huge wad of gum waiting to ruin my outfit behind me. I eventually excused myself to the ladies room with the thought of giving my bestie the tea of what the guy and I were talking about. As soon as I get up and walk away towards my friend he quickly comes behind me, so close I can feel his breath on my ear, and says “Don’t move” in such a seductive way.

I thought it was hot so I said over my shoulder “Am I under arrest officer” with some seductiveness of my own and he laughed a little bit and said “Not yet. But you do have a wad of bright blue gum stuck to ya booty”.

I was so embarrassed.

Best piece of advice from a woman?

“When people show you who they are, believe them the first time” -Maya Angelou

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