Gold Label Cosmetic’s Lipstick in Thieving Bandits

The pink-reds usually don’t flatter my complexion and undertone. They’re a little too much for me, and that says a lot since no beauty trend has ever really felt too intense for my liking.

I like to stick with orange-based reds that really pop against the yellowish-red undertone I battle when searching for the perfect “reds”. The go-to is usually a popping purple; brands and companies seemingly have found it easier to actually create extensive options for brown and darker women in the purple lipstick family. Reds like this: not so much.

But, Gold Label Cosmetics is owned by a Black woman who gets it. Kristen Elise Brown has figured out a signature way to create a line of lipsticks and now, matte lip pens, that transfers amongst complexions and undertones for Black women (and really, women of color).

There is prep that goes into making sure a color this bold and bright works. The idea of just slapping on a color like this with no “face attention” seems wrong. So, below is what I applied on my face (foundation, blush and all) to complement the bold Thieving Bandits from Gold Label’s 12-piece lipstick collection. The matte lip pens have 8 colors.

The Dos:

-Add a good layer of foundation on to create a smooth, even complexion. Perfection is not a necessity. But, give this lipstick a smooth complexion to pop against. I used CoverFX’s Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation in N110.

-Do make sure your eyes are highlighted, whether you’re using concealer, highlighter or both. I used NAR’s Cream Concealer under my eyes.

-Do apply a neutral enough blush that isn’t going to compete with the lip color. My choice here is a gentle swipe of Ambering Rose by MAC.

-Do stay away from color shadow, at least to achieve a look close to this.

-But, for sure add a good thick liner (gel or liquid) as close as you can to your lash line as possible.

-Do top everything off with your favorite mascara and translucent powder for a mattifying face to match this intense lip color. Used here are two powder combos: MAC’s Prep + Prime Translucent Finishing powder, which I used on top of Make Up For Ever’s Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder in 185.

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